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Stay In Your Own Lane Letterpress Print by DesignHaus

The Marble Jar


Product Details:

  • This print is created using letterpress, one of the oldest forms of printing that often uses metal or wood type. The raised letters are inked and pressed into the surface of the paper, giving the print depth and texture.
  • Print comes unframed and printed on Canaletto Bianco 111C paper
  • 20% cotton
  • Archival ink
  • Manufactured acid-free

Dimensions for Small Print: 11x14

Dimensions for Large Print: 15x20

Frames not included.

This quote is from Brené’s book, Rising Strong.

Here’s the full quote:

Another one of shame’s sidekicks is comparison. I have a picture over my desk of the pool where I swim to keep my comparison in check. Under the picture I wrote, “Stay in your own lane. Comparison kills creativity and joy.” For me, swimming is the trifecta of health—meditation, therapy, and exercise—but only when I stay in my own lane, focused on my breathing and my stroke. Problems begin when I happen to sync up with the swimmer next to me and we push off the wall at the same time, because I always start comparing and competing. A couple months ago, I did it to the point where I almost reinjured my rotator cuff. Believe me, comparison sucks the creativity and joy right out of life.


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